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The government of India announced the Janata policy which is basically a personal accident cover insurance. The insurance is popularly known as National insurance Janata Personal Accident Insurance. The insurance not only covers for death but it also provides cover for partial or permanent disability. Let us look at the features and other details of this insurance product.

Age Restrictions
Talking about the age restrictions, the minimum age of the applicant should be 10 years and the maximum age of the policyholder can’t exceed 70 years.

Time Frame
The policy is valid for a period of 1 year since the date of premium and the policy also offers a grace period of 30 days to make the payment of the premium on expiry.


No-Claim Bonus
During the renewal, a no-claim bonus of 5% is offered to the person insured. In addition to this, the person continues to get the bonus until they reach 50% of the total sum insured.

Sum Insured & Coverage
The maximum sum assured in this policy is Rs 1, 00,000. There can be variations here. To share more details, we would like to tell you that you get 100% of sum insured if the person insured dies within 12 months of purchasing the policy. This is also applicable to a person facing the permanent disability. Complete loss of sight or loss of two limbs or loss of 1 eye and 1 limb would qualify for full coverage.
If a person is facing partial disability then the person receives 50% of the sum insured. This means that loss of 1 eye or 1 limb will qualify under this section.

What’s not included?
Things that are not included are
A disability which was before getting the insurance.
Self-inflicted injury or any attempt to suicide.
The accident caused under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
Rash driving, hunting, racing, shooting, winter sports and all such risky things are not included either.
Injury because of war or nuclear accident is not included.

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