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Most of the two-wheeler owners opt for a Third Party Vehicle Insurance. It is not a bad deal if you believe that the risk is lower for you but we would again suggest you to purchase a comprehensive plans instead of Third Party Vehicle Insurance so that you get a better risk mitigation for the risk that you face while you are on the road and while you are not on the road.

If you still feel that the Third Party Vehicle Insurance is better for you then you must go ahead and check out some of the commonly made mistakes while buying third-party vehicle insurance. This will surely help you in getting the best policy for yourself.


Not Considering Options – First thing to note is that you must consider the options available to you. Do not simply opt for what your broker tells you to. Check the internet portals for reviews and options. You may also get a discount on the internet. In addition to this, look at the claim settlement ratio as well.
Buying Cheap – Remember that the cheapest insurance is not always the best insurance. If you are getting something for a very cheap price then it might be too good to be true. Check all the minute details of such policies.
No-Claim Bonus – While switching the insurance service provider, people do not claim their no-claim bonus. This is where they lose. You must remember to claim no-claim bonus from the previous policy as this also reduces the premium you pay,
Terms and Conditions – Most of the people do not go through the fine print and you must not do this. Always check out the details of terms and conditions in the policy so as to get a better idea of the fine print.

This was our take on the mistakes made while buying the third party vehicle insurance. Do not forget to consider these points while making a purchase.

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