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By law, it is mandatory for you to have an auto insurance. Ideally, you are not allowed to drive an uninsured vehicle on the road. Moreover, if you meet an accident then it can be really difficult for you to meet the losses incurred during the accident. A lawsuit can have a significant impact on your wealth. In such a case, it is always better to have an auto insurance but do you know how to get an auto insurance? Well, here is how you can get an auto-insurance for your vehicle.

During Purchase of the Car
Are you planning to purchase a new car? Are you worried about the auto-insurance? Don’t be worried about it as you will get the insurance along with the car. The car dealer provides you the insurance for the first year along with the car and the cost of insurance is added to the ex-showroom price of the vehicle. This insurance is usually valid for a year and after that, you can renew the insurance or you can switch the insurance provider as per your preference.


However, it should be noted that you would not get insurance with the second-hand car and you will need to buy an insurance all by yourself. There are two ways to buy the insurance and both are listed below.

Offline Way to Get Auto Insurance
The first way to buy an insurance for your car is through the offline method. You can reach out to the brokers or the company and buy an auto insurance. The broker will quote you a price and he will seek documents and other details from you so as to make a proposal. Once that is done, you will have an insurance with you.

Some of the people opt for offline sales while most people prefer an online method to buy an auto insurance. Here are more details about the online method of buying insurance.

Online Method to Purchase Auto Insurance
In the online method, you can visit the website of the insurance provider to get a quote of the insurance or you can also visit various portals which allows you to compare the insurance offers from various insurance providers.

It is always better to check out some of the portals as you get to compare the price and the features of the insurance policy. These portals usually offer a great discount and you would not have to bargain for the right premium either. You can then shortlist the insurance, fill in the details and make the payment of the premium. Once the payment is made, you can instantly download the insurance documents. This way, you can get your insurance policy in a couple of minutes.
These were different ways to get an auto insurance however, it is preferable to buy the auto insurance through an online medium as this can significantly reduce the cost of the insurance for you. Moreover, you get to compare the insurance and you can actually see what is covered in the plan and what is not covered by the insurance plan.

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