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A lot of people assume that buying a comprehensive vehicle insurance plan covers up almost everything but this is not true. The comprehensive insurance would not cover all the things for vehicle insurance and there are things which are not covered under the comprehensive insurance plans as well.Here are the details of things that are not covered in comprehensive vehicle insurance plans.

Driving under Influence – None of the insurance covers for the damage that are caused when the driver of the vehicle is under the influence of liquor or drugs. This is a very important point to note.
Violation in Guidelines – If you violate any law or guidelines from the vehicle manufacturer then the insurance provider would reject the claim. They are not responsible for such damages and the warranty of your vehicle will also stand null void.


War and Terrorism – Any damage due to the act of war and terrorism is also not covered in comprehensive vehicle plans. This is a standard across the industry.
Wear and Tear – Most of the comprehensive plans do not consider the damages due to wear and tear. They also account for depreciation but you can mitigate this risk by purchasing an insurance that has 0 depreciation option available.
Road Side Assistance – Another point to note is that the road side assistance is not a standard offered to the people. You can however add this to your insurance plan and it surely saves you from a lot of trouble.
Deductibles – Lastly, there are certain deductibles and you are supposed to pay for glass and plastic parts in case of an accident. There are again some add-ons which can save your from this loss.
This was all about the comprehensive plans. Some of the add-on covers can help you in getting the cover of the exclusions and hence you must check out these details while making the purchase.

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