All information to know about Upcoming Jio fibre (Internet)

Mukesh Ambani, after disrupting the telecom space with Jio, has put his eye on television industry. Reliance JIO’s jio fibre is set to be the next footprint of Reliance that is set to offer various on-demand services to the Indian consumers. The increasing use of internet due to the start of Reliance Jio has created multiple footprints in the digital world.

Services offered:
Jio Fibre is aimed to launch various services to its consumers. Starting from domestic voice calling to international video-streaming, Jio Fibre is set to acquire a large market share in the entertainment industry. The pricing and planning is set to attract customer across all financial backgrounds as there is not aggression in terms of pricing due to the lack of any competitors for Jio Fibre.


Pricing of Jio Fibre

There is a non-differential pricing which also include one time payment of Rs 2500 which is non-refundable. 4K set top boxes are given without any cost for annual subscribers whereas there are different plans like gold and premium for other different subscribers. The flexibility of the plans of Jio Fibre helps it to reach a deeper level of market penetration.


Though Jio Fibre is set to be both disruptive as well as a break through technology, there are still certain grey areas which need to be considered before making the decision. Some of the important barricades include:

Lack of expansion of the internet is becoming one of the largest hurdle in the market penetration.
Initial pricing of the Jio Fibre might cause certain problems as it is more focused towards the affluent, thus catering more to elite class.
Non-refundable pricing of Rs 2500/- might be a bit of concern for the strategist.

Hence, though Jio Fibre is looking forward to revolutionize the entertainment industry, Jio Fibre Net still has a long mile to go before it captures the large market share.

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