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5 most cheapest health insurance policies 2019

Health is the most important wealth. In the modern era, the cost and expense related to health is very high and exorbitant. This unreasonable cost of expense makes it highly beneficial to have health insurance, not only for yourself but for your entire near and dear ones. Health insurances not only help in protecting the insurer against unforeseen health expenses, but helps in protecting your future dreams.Here are some of the important points which needs to be noted before buying a health insurance policy:

Claim process: An easy claim process during tough times will assist the customers in the times of their needs. The easier claim process include cashless settlement of the claims as well as quick settlement of the claims. Network hospitals: Did you buy a health insurance but it doesn’t support the major hospitals in your area? It is time to move on to a better insurance product that covers the elite hospitals in the locality as well as the renowned and multi-speciality ones.


An insurance amount as per the needs: Selecting the best insurance amount as per your needs is highly essential as it helps in leveraging the expenses towards your health and gives a complete protection for the future.
Pre-hospitalization charges: The pre-hospitalization charges often cover a large chunk of the expenses of the entire treatment process. Though certain health insurances cover this but most health insurances don’t. So, a proper check of the terms and conditions regarding the pre-hospitalization insurances must be done to protect against unforeseen expenses.
Renewal period: Renewal period is the number of years after which the insurance needs to be renewed. Proper care must be taken to select the right insurance policy so as to select the policy with proper renewal period like life time renewal or yearly renewal or flexible renewal period.

To make things simpler for our readers, here we are listing down  5 most cheapest health insurance policies 2019 which needs to be taken seriously, for abatement of any health related expenses:

Religare Care health insurance plan:

The health insurance plan lets you cover the health expense of the entire family. Without any upper age limit, added no claim bonus as well as offering free health checkup yearly the health care covers both pre and post hospitalization charges.

Aditya Birla Active Assure Diamond Plan:

For situations of unrelated illness, the coverage can be increased upto 150% of the amount insured. Covering para-medical treatments like herbal and ayurvedhic, the insurance plan covers pre-hospitalization charges as well. Major health issues are also given proper care and a second opinion is also allowed.

Apollo Munich Optima Restore Family Health Insurance Plan

Offering a coverage of minimum Rs 3 lakh and a maximum of Rs 50 lakh,  Apollo Munich Optima Restore Family Health Insurance Plan, offers one of the best insurance plans available as there is restoration of the sum insured once the claim is done. Benefits like family cover, children benefit, multiplier effect and a renewal period of 3 years are also available in this plan.

Cigna TTK ProHealth Plus

Offering a wide benefit across different customers as per their needs like offering the insured sum from a minimum of 4.5 lakhs to a maximum of 10 lakhs, this health insurance is one of the b st policies. Covering charges for pre and post hospitalization, abroad coverage, outdoor payment reimbursement, Cigna TTK ProHealth Plus is a good option for health insurance.

Star Family Health Optima

During the policy term, everyone can enjoy outdoor health expenses of Rs 5000 maximum. Having a large network of hospitals across its empanelled lists, it covers day care products, toddler coverage and self-restoration of the amount up to maximum of 3 restorations.

Bottom line:

Selecting the best insurance policy becomes one of the most important choices. It is time to insure your health, before health ends up eating all your savings.

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