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5 best entrepreneurial ideas 2019

The ultimate motive of education is not to do a job under someone, but to start your own venture and be self-employed. Be a job giver and not a job seeker, is the mantra of the successful people. 2019 has seen the wide shifts in the form of employment types among people, which has shifted from full-type employment to self-employment and businesses.Let us explore 5 best entrepreneurial ideas 2019 in this article which will get you kick started in your start-up journey:

Biodegradable Plastic Products: With the increasing concern for the environmental safety and sustainability, biodegradable plastic products like bags, glasses and plates is one of the most profitable business ideas. The products look similar to those made from plastic, but have different physical and chemical properties which differentiate them from plastic materials.


Affiliate marketing: With the advent of digital tools and extremely high digital footprints, affiliate marketing has become one of the highly paid professions. Working from home provides flexibility of time as well as a lot of clear headspace to approach work life balance. Affiliate marketing requires you to be a partner with websites like Amazon and write blogs about niche specific products that shall cater to the sales of Amazon products, which will help you in earning a livelihood.
Logo designer: Becoming a logo designer is your way to financial freedom as it allows you to take control over you time, finances and grow your potential to become one of the best digital professionals. The need for logo designers has increased due to the increased use of digital media, digital footprints and the need of catchy eye phrases and designs on shirts, greeting cards and many more.
Resume Writing Services: The growing demand for the best jobs in the market as well as the long queues of the working force can be utilized in leveraging business of writing business resumes for the potential candidates. It is a never dying, ever green business since the work needs a good networking capability with the recruiters to know what they are looking for in the resume as well as great marketing strategies to attract more job seekers. Moreover, this business can be extended to develop into Human Resource consultancy firms by organizing recruitment, selection and talent acquisition.
Drop Shipping: There are many business people who are looking forward to start their own business but due to inventory constraint are not able to expand their business. Drop shipping is the ultimate solution for such a problem as people are looking forward to firms who would supply products to them at an economic rate in minimal quantities.

With the current shifts in the trends of employment, more flexible mode of business along with a potential to provide something new to the entire customer base will help in generating long-time revenue, without a high investment.

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