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Best car insurance policies 2019

Tangible assets like car, house are the closest to one’s heart because of the invested amount of time and money into the property. Protection of the property against any damage is very important; else it will lead to difficult times of loss during uncertain situations.

Car insurance policies help in hedging the risk of uncertainties by protecting your property against accidents and car break downs.There are many car insurance policies available in the market. But choosing which policy is best for you is very difficult.

Meeting the right policy as per your needs is the real challenge for you as well as the insurance companies. Tapping the trend of the market as well as the market sentiments will help in growth of the insurance companies.

Let us have a look at few important characters which we must look into before buying any insurance policy:

Premium amount: The premium amount has to be standardized, legit as well as highly moderated. The premium charged has to meet according to your needs as well, but it should not carve out a huge chunk of money out of your pocket.

Coverage: A properly mentioned, detailed overview of the coverage of the types of accidents, breakdowns that will be covered under the insurance policy. No hidden statements should be there.

Claim procedure: The claim procedure has to be the simplest, easiest and without any hassle. Most of the car insurance policies are targeted towards customers who face any mishap and the requirement of a smooth claim procedure is very important.

According to our research, we have found ICICI Lomabard Car Insurance policy to be the Best car insurance policy 2019. Let us have a look, why?

ICICI Lombard’s car insurance policy: With a large market base of over 17 million, the insurance policies of ICICI Lombard offer a wide range of products for the cars. The claim settlement ratio is the amount of claims which are settled by the company. The claim settlement ratio is around 90%, thus making it the most reliable insurance. The following areas are add-ons in the policy:
Personal injury due to any major accident
Any third party damages caused due to an accident
Natural disasters are also covered in the insurance policy.
The insurers are also provided with the no claim bonus, i.e if you don’t claim the insurance over a given period of time, you can avail a bonus. The feature of no depreciation and a large network of garages of ICICI Lombard help in leveraging the benefit of ICICI Lomabrd’s car insurance policy.

Car insurance policy is one of the most important insurance policies which one must take in order to protect their tangible assets from any further damage. Do write to us, about your experiences of claims with various car insurance policies!

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