Best Home Loans plans available in India

Having a home for yourself is one of the best feelings in the world. A place where you can spend limitless time, have your family and decorate it without any restriction of the landlord, is one of the best feelings for humans.

However, with daily increasing rates of property and a higher price of building material, it is almost impossible for a normal middle-class man to afford a home in the city.Still, there is some hope for the readers who are looking to buy a new home for them.

The ray of hope we are talking about here is the home loan plans from various financial institutions and banks. By choosing any one of them, you can make your dream of having a home in the city come true. However, there is still one problem that stands tall for the buyers who are willing to buy a new home, and that is the which home loan plan is the better option for them and offers the best deal.

So, here we are listing the top three home loan plans available in India that are reliable, offer better value and provides better use of your money. Go through them, and then choose the best and most suitable home loan plans for yourself according to the needs.

SBI Home Loans
SBI is one of the most trusted and biggest financial institutes in India, and if you are looking for a lower rate of Interest and better processing and clear dealing, the SBI home loans would be one of the best choices to go with. The interest rates for the loan of up to 30 lakh ranges between 8.15-8.30%. Also, the wide range of repayment mode for the period of 5-30 years makes it one of the best home loan plans to go with.

The minimum EMI that you can expect by involving in the SBI home loan is Rs. 737@1lakh for 30 years.

HDFC Home loans
In case you are looking for a more reliable and prompt service provider for yourself, the HDFC bank is one of the largest private banks in India and has a great reputation for providing the best-in-class services with the utmost professionalism.
The Interest rate for the loan up to 30 lakh is 8.25-8.40% which is a bit higher than other banks but if you are looking for a good quality bank with all advanced facilities, the HDFC home loans are one of the best loan schemes for you. The EMI for one lakh is Rs. 751 for 30 years.

ICICI Home loans
Another renowned home loan provider which is actually the fourth most popular home loan disbursal in India is the ICICI home loans. The brilliant processing, easy loan repayment schemes, and great dependability make the ICICI home loans one of the most reliable home loan providers in the market. The interest rate ranges from 8.55-9.10% and you have to pay the 1% loan amount for the processing fees.

The minimum income you should have for applying for the home loans from ICICI bank is the INR 18,000. So, if you think that you can afford the higher rate of Interest for the services and better processing, you should go with the ICICI home loans without any second thought in mind.

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